Jeffery K. Lee


The success of Creative Cooling Technologies is due in great part to the extensive experience of its founder and owner, Jeffery K. Lee. Having obtained his bachelor’s degree of Manufacturing Engineering at the Arizona State University, Jeffery worked as a project engineer at General Motors for ten years before turning his experience to the HVAC sector.

He spent a year working as a general manager at CJS Industrial before acquiring Energy Options, cumulating seven years of experience installing, rebuilding and replacing cooling towers. He has worked with all aspects of cooling tower construction and maintenance, including filtration systems, boilers, chillers and industrial piping.

In March 2017, Jeffery founded a new company, created to take his ideas to the next level by providing high-quality cooling tower solutions with a focus on eco-friendliness and exceptional customer service. This was the birth of Creative Cooling Technologies. To assist him in this bold endeavor, he reached out to Drake Trethaway – a bright and intelligent young entrepreneur with daring, new ideas for the HVAC industry. A fresh face untouched by the sector’s traditionally unfriendly and cynical mentality, Drake brings his unique perspective to the new company with the goal of shaking up an outdated and old-fashioned industry to its very foundations.