Designing and assembling an optimal piping system is a complex process that requires the mastery of multiple engineering fields. Our experienced team will select the optimal materials, components and layout for your system depending on its intended applications, from cooling tower piping to waste lines in commercial buildings.

Creative Cooling Technologies fabricates and installs piping for both cooling towers and other building systems. We understand that the installation of a piping system is a very delicate process where any misstep may carry severe consequences on the 

facility’s capacity and the security of those working within. Our workers adhere to the highest level of safety and standards to create a reliable and efficient system that will withstand factors such as internal pressure, thermal stresses and external loads.

We also carry out piping inspection, maintenance and replacements to return clogged or damaged piping back to an optimal state. We can replace pipes going both to and from your pump assemblies, throughout the entire cooling system. That’s not all: we can install new pump systems with variable frequency drives to control them, saving water and energy.