• Drake Trethaway

Brad Robinson Property Management Hires CCT for Multiple Cooling Needs

Brad Robinson Property Management hired the services of CCT (Creative Cooling Technologies) to replace a cooling tower, a boiler, a VFD, the pumps and all the connecting piping including valves on the roof level at their facility. They also worked seamlessly with the city of Beverly Hills to obtain and close out the permitting for the project.

Here is what Karl Soderbergh of the firm says about CCT, "Jeff and his crews worked well with us on all aspects of the project, always willing to work within our schedules. We would gladly work with them at any of our other facilities and locations should the need arise. Their communication was always clear and transparent, and Jeff was easy to get ahold of as needed throughout the project. CCT worked hard to make sure the closing documents regarding the permits with the City were taken care of. "

CCT works with many other types of facilities outside of property management including hotels, office buildings, hospitals, municipalities, universities and others. Creative Cooling Technologies handles all aspects of your HVAC system. Click our logo below to contact us today for a consultation.

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