Water Purification

Over time, water in cooling towers becomes contaminated with impurities, which can clog and corrode the piping and damage other components within the cooling system, including cooling towers and chillers. To prevent this from happening, the contaminated water needs to be regularly replaced with fresh water. Standard cooling towers are thus extremely water-guzzling systems that squander enormous amounts of what might well be the most precious resource on Earth and inflict severe damage to fragile ecosystems.

We install chemical-free water purification systems designed to keep the waste of water to a bare minimum. A powerful filtration and water-softening system allows substantially longer water usage cycles to be achieved in cooling towers, saving thousands of gallons of water and releasing less contaminants into the environment. In addition to this, by decreasing the amount of impurities circulating in the water, chemical-free filtration systems slow down the degradation of cooling system components over time, resulting in significantly lower maintenance costs.