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Based in the Los Angeles area, Creative Cooling Technologies combines efficiency with sustainability by providing environmentally friendly heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions for the industrial and the commercial building sectors.


We specialize in installing, rebuilding and upgrading cooling towers with the latest technology to provide optimal water conservation and energy savings.

With our efficient cooling towers’ superior performance, your company can save money on energy and significantly reduce its ecological footprint.

The Green Factor

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Cooling towers are vital in many sectors, from large commercial buildings (such as condominium complexes, large-scale office buildings, and data centers) to industrial facilities used for power generation, food processing, and many other purposes. Unfortunately, an oft-neglected aspect of cooling towers is the harm they cause to the environment. A large facility can consume more water than an entire town simply to keep its cooling towers functioning. As it is returned into the environment, the water may be contaminated with impurities and microorganisms, including Legionnaire’s disease (Legionnella). Yet, up until recently, these issues had been largely overlooked by environmentalists or dismissed as an inevitability of the water cooling process.

Thankfully, there are methods nowadays to reduce the environmental impact of cooling towers. At Creative Cooling Technologies, we integrate the latest water and energy conservation methods and equipment into cooling tower systems with the goal of revitalizing an archaic industry by making it greener than it had ever been before!


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Their communication was always clear and transparent, and CCT was easy to get ahold of as needed throughout the project.

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