Who We Are

Founded in March 2017, Creative Cooling Technologies aims to provide its clients with the highest-quality HVAC solutions available on the market. Our experienced and diverse team is comprised of engineers, millwrights, machinists, welders and other skilled craftsman, all ready to tackle even the toughest challenges. From rebuilding turbines and generators to erecting new cooling towers and installing automated assembly lines for large-scale applications, our team has the expertise and the versatility to carry out any task.

That’s not all, though – our promise to you extends beyond just providing a cost-effective solution to your HVAC needs. The cooling tower industry has long been a very hostile work

environment characterized by a dog-eat-dog mentality, not to mention a client-unfriendly business with a “take-it-or-leave-it” approach to customer service. Creative Cooling Technologies aims to turn this tendency around and set a new standard of service in the HVAC industry.

To this end, we provide excellent service with quality workmanship, open and honest communication with our clients, and exceptional support and respect of our employees. Leveraging both our expertise and the client’s vision, we work together towards building a better world, one HVAC system at a time. Our solutions are already taking the Bay Area by storm – and within the coming years, we intend to spread our new standard in HVAC solutions throughout the West Coast and beyond.